1994-1995 Rosy Dream started  as a punk/hard/sleaze rock band which was influenced by Hanoi Rocks, Smack etc. The original line up: B. Crosstream (drums), Jay Victory (bass), Tim Steeler (guitars & vocal) and Carry A. Cain (lead guitar).The band recorded Live in (1994) and On the Career (1995). Rosy Dream still plays some of the old classics from those albums.

1996-2003 The group was inspired by Slade, Kiss, T. Rex and David Bowie. Rosy Dream records Circus Line (1997), Bitch is Back (1998), Lurex (1999) and Space Maker (2000) which are strongly influenced glam rock of 70’s. Nevertheless the group has a sound of its own with the ball of Marshalls. In summer 2003, Carry leaves the band and Rosy Dream carries on as a trio.

2005-      The rock´n roll trio released Machine (2005).  It smells more like whiskey and exhaustion gas than glam rock. The band has  gigs in motorcycle clubs and festivals but it is still playing some origial material of 90's . Live at Crony's (2007) and Stalin's Head (2012) is realeased on CD and after that a couple of songs are only in youtube (Rotten Generation, America is Yours). The latest release Buffet of Truth (2022) which is recorded in a analog tape studio brings Black Sabbath- kind of  stoner sound to the band. Rosy Dream is looking for the original rock sound and turned all live equipment back to analog signal way.