Power amplifiers:
Crest C9 1200/2000 W
Crest C18 1800/4800 W
DBX Driverack 480
Presonus Studiolive RM16AI

Kling & Freitag CA15-15 x2
Turbosound TSB-118 18" x4

Centurion akt 300W
Wharfendale akt 300 W x2

Mixing via Presonus StudioLive
by using laptop/digital mixer/tablet computer

Shure SM58 x4
AKG D112
Shure SM57 x2
Beyerdynamics Opus87 x2
Rode NT5
The T.Bone SCT-700
T-Bone CD55 x3

Multicore cable 8 in/out 10 m
XLR cables
Guitar cables

Eurolite led PAR64 RGB x8
Blinder x2
Spotit150 W x3
Stairville DJ-X 16 DMX
Stairville SF-80 smoke

Guitar stuff:
Gibson Les Paul Classic "Gibbon"
Aria Pro II guitar
s.bass.50 guitarhead, "Italijaano"
Marshall 1960 cabs x2
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive
Boss CS-2 Compressor/sustainer
Boss TN-1 tuner
Boss digital delay

Bass stuff:
Rickenbacker Bass
Aria Pro Bass, "Irwin"
HH 250 W amplifier "Hohotin"
Marshall JMC 800 4x12" cab
Bass cabin "kuivakäymälä" with 18" Celestion 600W

Bassdrum 22"
Snare 14"
Spare Snare 14"
I-tom tom 12"
II- tom tom 16"
Hi-hat Paiste 14"
Crash Paiste 16" x2
Crash Paiste 14"
Ride Paiste 22"

Motorised lifting drumstage:
3 piece stage,
4  jacks of LADA
(Rising up to the sky! Sometimes not...)