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Space Maker available now on LP: 25 euros mobilepay, postage included. Send your adress jay.hynninen@gmail.com and you will get the number. 11 songs: you can listen Space Maker in Spotify. This is a AAA- LP, Recorded in 2000 at MSL- studio by Mika Sundqvistin (RIP) .


Rosy Dream was the last show in KUOPIO ROCK Savonia stage in the darkening evening. Thanks for the audience!!


The Spacemaker album recorded in 2000 is now finally officially released. Well, it took some time... Listen here Spotify – Rosy Dream



A new CD available now. You can listen it in a DISCOG- section. If you want  hi-fi andf a factory pressed CD, please ask by e-mail jay.hynninen@gmail.com. We will send it to for 10 € (postage included). Mobile pay when item arrives.



Now you can find the latest Rosy Dream EP also in Spotify. Check it out!


The new record "Buffet of Truth" is out now! You can listen or down load MP3 in DISCOG- section of these pages. Now almost all music Rosy Dream has ever written is availabe in DISCOG.


Rockarollas rockin again after a long corona virus recess. Hope the life will come normal soon. See you in Kuopiorock!


Here we go again! Check out Tour- list, see ya there!


We apologize the pause on refreshing pages due to technical problems! But we're still alive...

The Estonian tour was great once again. Chili vodka, excellent IPA- stylish beer brewed by MC Põlettajd... It may have declined the show a bit but we hope we'll be invited to rock again. Better show next time, we promise it!! At Iron Horseman, the new clubhouse looked brilliant, acuostics was great and the band enjoyd to play. THANX! We also like to thank Groupie High School joining the tour.

Rozy's were backing up the Estonian artist Arvi RV Tapver in recording his new album in this summer. We'll hear soon what it will be....


Rozy's scedule on April looks very motor club oriented: MC North Legion, MC Põlettajad, MC Iron Horseman... and if still hungry we can pop in MC Donalds.


Now the shoulder is fine but the bassist is still ugly. This has to do for Estonia, can´t pimp him up better... RD comes to Tallinn next weekend, see ya there!


The gig in Estonia is cancelled due to Jay Victory´s shoulder problem. He has to be operated in May and he is not able to play in few months. It´s a pity, really! We were waiting the gig so much, last time the party was so beautiful in Soodla! Sorry lads, we´ll see next time...


Rotten Rozys wake up for the summer. Heading to motorist festivals in Finland and Estonia and then to KuopioRock. New material is played on the gigs, so come and hear the brand new roses! Check out the new video America is Yours.



A new song is out now with a vid. Check it out!



Wowoo-wo Tallinn! The summer is hotter than hell in Estonia. Thanx MC Pikne and Iron Horseman!


Thank you folks coming so far, far away and near to our 20th anniversary! It was a great party and it was nice to see you all rockin´ with us again!!


Twenty year of rock´n roll with Rosy Dream since AD 1994! Wellcome to 20th anniversary party which is held in Kuopio, Peräniemen Kasino 25.10.2014 at 8 pm. Special guest: GROUPIE HIGHSCHOOL  http://groupiehighschool.blogspot.fi/


Long, cold winter is gone and RD is on the road again. Check out the tour dates!


RD is having a break in touring and will work on new material for the rest of the year and spring 2014. The old material sound like playing Paranoid on repeat to the band... Gigging and recording seems to be impossible at the same time. So, now is time for new material and there´s no touring until autnumn 2014 exept some summer festivals. See you then!


A New album "Stalin´s Head" is released in 1st of May. You can  listen to it in "Discography" section of our websites. If like to have your own CD, send a e-mail to us and we´ll send the CD to you


Estonian rules again: We hit an extreamly burning hot gig at MC Pölettajad Club in Tarto with a little help from featuring singers (Naughty Roosters and etc.). Nice to see the legendary club being build up again with the same old fabulous athmosphere!! Yeah!! And then we we´re invited to another good party in Tallinna, into a opening of MC Iron Horseman Club. THANX FOR YOU ALL!! See Yah!!


Flying low and burning EXTREMELY hot!! We´ve been invited to MC Polettajad´s 15th anniversary party. Five years ago we played at 10th anniversary party and unfortunately the club was destroyed in a fire shortly after that. Now its has been rebuild and we are waiting to get on the stage in that legendary place. And as we all know, those guys can hit a real party...


The new album has been recorded. It contains 4-5 songs and will be released in the beginning 2012.


The legendary motor home of Rosy's has come to the end of its road. Fiat Ducato has done its duty fine and now rust has won the battle. It started to spend almost as much oil as fuel. It was sold for 80 euros and ended up as a dog house. Its roof serves now as a boat. Rest in peace, Duci!


KuopioRock is gone and done once again. This time RD was playing at Casino stage. Never seen so many people in the place, thanx for yo all!! Jays Rickenbacker was borrowed by Exploited basist. Jay was very touched. He says he started to play because of Exploiteds music. Jay wanted to have a autograph written on his bass but there was no pen. So the autograph was written with a screwdriver!


Beautiful cars and beautiful people in Himos! Finland is the 51st state of USA, RD was priviledged to play before legendary Hurriganes in Himos Arena. We highly appriciate that! Meeting Remu was like a meeting Jeesus, heard about him so many times but never seen him alive as a real human being. Our road crew had a kind of a get-together meeting with  road crew of Hurriganes which lasted to the dawn. In the morning our roadies had a get-out-from- stomach meeting at roadside...


The northern tour starts a day earlier. 14.01 Oulu, Hevimesta.


Thats all folks...Merry x-mas and Happy New Year!!!


Henrys Pub is done! One of the best show was there...Next gig is IHRA - "Lads Garage"! Merry x-mas


The World Wide Kuopio Tour is going on. See the tour list and pick up a place you like! Check youtube, there´s several new RD vid´s


It´s a long hot summer, the hottest ever seen. It was as hot in Estonia and KUKU club has very dense climat. Estonian band Dirty Diana visited in ROCK COCK festival in Kuopio. The next event is in Kuopio, RD is plaiyng with the legendary DR FEELGOOD in Puikkari. And that´s an honour!!


Check out the new vid!



The hotrod- club hit IHRA hit a wild party in Kuopio. There was also a Santa Claus visiting...

Check out the video clip (Click the picture)

Some nice photos...(Click the picture)

RD has returned from the Estonian Tour.  The clubs in Talinn and Tarto had nice stages and were very well equipped. Our showtime was late, at 2:00 a.m. In Tallinn, the band spent all evening in the city waiting for a gig which lead to too tired band at 2:00. Well, Tarto was better, though the showtime was at 2:00 a.m., too. Pokerrun festival was great as it was last year. MC Piratica really knows, how to arrage these events!

The bassist changed his underwear by accident. He fixed the situation quickly and no harm was done.

On the Rocks did rock fine! Then Roses goes up to the north like birds in the spring time. Some acoustic songs are added in the gig set. The new material is almost ready but still waiting to be perfomed live.

Discography has been updated. Maybe the most interesting is Rock´n roll man which was re-recorded in Finnish wild west, in the horse city of Orimattila in 2001, Check it out!

Rosy Dream toured weekend with Mondo Bizarro which is one of the hottest rock´n roll band in this country. This double mayhem hit two gigs together and there is more to come next summer in Estonia. Again, some problems with the van: this time it was filled with petrol instead of diesel. Emptying the tank took almost an hour but then the car was started without a problem. Firma´s was more quit than usual but Maaninka suprised the bands: the crowd was rockin hard and the both groups were very eager to return some day.

The brand new websites opened 26.1.2009. Check out! There still could be some problems, if you find one, please inform us by e-mail.

The car was broken once again, this time in Imatra. The band came back by train. Now the car is fixed with kind help from Joonas from MC Graniitti. Thanx!

Check out the myspace sites. Mikko has done very good job, it looks brilliant. There's also some funny old pictures.


Janne Hynninen

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